Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

Yang Yang and Kenneth C. Land (2013) Chapman & Hall/CRC Interdisciplinary Statistics

This book is based on a decade of the authors’ collaborative work in age-period-cohort (APC) analysis. Within a single, consistent HAPC-GLMM statistical modeling framework, the authors synthesize APC models and methods for three research designs: age-by-time period tables of population rates or proportions, repeated cross-section sample surveys, and accelerated longitudinal panel studies. The authors show how the empirical application of the models to various problems leads to many fascinating findings on how outcome variables develop along the age, period, and cohort dimensions.

The book makes two essential contributions to quantitative studies of time-related change. Through the introduction of the GLMM framework, it shows how innovative estimation methods and new model specifications can be used to tackle the “model identification problem” that has hampered the development and empirical application of APC analysis. The book also addresses the major criticism against APC analysis by explaining the use of new models within the GLMM framework to uncover mechanisms underlying age patterns and temporal trends.

Encompassing both methodological expositions and empirical studies, this book explores the ways in which statistical models, methods, and research designs can be used to open new possibilities for APC analysis. It compares new and existing models and methods and provides useful guidelines on how to conduct APC analysis. For empirical illustrations, the text incorporates examples from a variety of disciplines, such as sociology, demography, and epidemiology. Along with details on empirical analyses, software and programs to estimate the models are available here on the book’s web page.

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Sample Computational Codes for Selected Analyses in the Book

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A Full Response to Luo’s Paper on the Intrinsic Estimator (Demography: 2013)

Yang, Yang Claire and Kenneth C. Land. 2013. “The Statistical Properties of the Intrinsic Estimator for Age Period Cohort Analysis.” [PDF]